Heroic – Brindol in Elsir Vale is under threat from a hobgoblin army and the forces of good are rallying to stop them.

The heroes have inital successes but as they reveal themselves to the enemy their missions becomes more and more difficult. Will they outsmart the enemy and grind away the enemy strength or will the horde leaders catch up? Every attack leads to a reaction, delayed by chain of command, but gradually the horde adapts and counterattacks. Based on the 3.5 edition Red Hand of doom adventure. The last part is left out for now.

Paragon – The adventurers find that more a more sinister threat is facing Brindol, and themselves.

Every victory have taken them closer to a threat they couldn’t even imagine. Most characters of power in Elsir Vale, past and present, have been tainted by a mysterious affliction called The Shadow. The Shadow is rotting their bodies and their souls so that as they grow in power they turn into undead. The adventurers realize that they have been chosen both for their talents and because they too are struck by the affliction. The characters set out on a journey into the unknown. Who knows more about the affliction, and can it be cured… or at least stopped.

Elsir Vale Threatened

vorgen Myxo Bolongo