Elsir Vale Threatened

From Overlook to Shadowfell, scales of war, part 3

- from friend to foe in seven words

Here the adventurers a praised as heroes of Overlook and get a fancy ring to show their new status.

They track down Modra and realize that the rod they found is a key to a portal to Shadowfell. Allying with Modras enemies they follow him to shadowfell only to find themselves in a big buzzing military base.

The group happen on a huge mercenary camp, obviously preparing for war and too late they realize that it is a bad mistake to tell the mercenary leader that they are from Elsir Vale and don’t want that place attacked.

The mercenary leader swiftly puts the dwarfs in ‘protective custody’ to avoid killing the heroes of Overlook, which would upset his trade partner, a hobgoblin leader who wants his rear free from troubling Overlook attacks. This was also the reason for the mercenary leader’s decision to punish Modra, whose actions now doesn’t seem as distasteful to the group as they are locked up.

With help of druid powers, sleeping powder for the guards outside the cell is aquired and a hasty escape through a small backdoor sends the party in the way of Modra, with whom they now ally to destroy the beast transformer machines located in the lava powered foundry. The group leaves the camp riding on a huge metalreinforced boar, with Modra in tow. And walking right through the hobgoblin army sent here for training, the group escapes through a portal leading to a cave a days walk away from Brindol. They leave Modra on the road and rush to Brindol to tell the bad news of an invading hobgoblin army.



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