Elsir Vale Threatened

Start of Red Hand of Doom Campaign

- hobgoblins don't walk alone

Leaving Brindol on a wagon traveling west, the first sign of the horde attack is in Drellin’s Ferry, where a few farms at the north bank of the river have been set aflame. After contact with Captain Anita Soranna (who is the only local to ever be remember by the group) the group crosses the river and takes their wagon into the Witchwood where they encounter and defeat a horde scouting party.

At the Vraath Keep ruins, the leader of the horde advance party is defeated and his planning map taken, a map that later will prove have a faulty timescale, but still given valuable insight into the horde objectives.

The dwarf group ally with a giant they meet in the forest (repressing their animosity successfully) and then strike at the horde forces at the Skulle Gorge Bridge, that result in the adventurers destruction of the bridge. This move delayed the horde two valuable days, that allow Drellin’s Ferry to be evacuated rather calmly.

On the way back to Brindol, a few horde patrols are eliminated, without any major setbacks.

In Brindol the council is eager to hear the adventurers’ report, and they are immediately hired to go to the northern edges of the Vale to seek support from the elves there and try to disrupt the horde base in the now swamped ruins of the city of Rhest.



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