Elsir Vale Threatened

The swamp elves

- incoming elven o'clock

The adventurers get a new wagon to speedily get north and they find the northern customs gate captured by ogres and hobgoblins soldiers. Easily clearing this obstacle after climbing the compound wall, the adventurers spend their night indoors enjoying their find of a valuable shipment of magic armor.

The following day, a horde dragonspawn patrol, find the adventurers and a hard fight later, our heroes once more find victory. As the calm descends over the battle zone a group of riders mounted on pterodactyls fly towards the party. This is the adventurers first encounter with the swamp elves.

In the elves camp the dwarfs are treated fairly if not kindly, and they are given food and lodging. The dwarfs efforts to be friendly and helpful, gets them a bit of understanding for Brindol’s dire situation, which later results in the aid from a flying elven patrol. This favorable result is much due to the adventurers daring raid on the dragonspawn outpost in the lake, that despite grim odds is successful. The dwarfs bravery and their delivery of and old elven heirloom – a sword, finally convinces the swamp elves to also help them in contacting the forest elves.

As the group is about to leave the elves report of a alchemist laboratory found together with a planted garden on a ruin a bit from the main dragon spawn encampment. The group investigates and finds many rituals and potions as well as the tracks of the recently escaped magician. He is followed and killed.

The dwarfs next move is to contact the forest elves and they realize that something is amiss with them. Exactly what and why the group doesn’t find out. The dwarfs are greatly praised by the elves and their gratitude will later be of much help to our heroes.

On the way back to Brindol a wagon loaded with copper is retaken from the horde and returned to Brindol. This wagon will be an essential tool in garnering the aid of the Hammerfist Holds’ dwarfs in the south, as it is this special copper that later ensures the aid of 200 battle trained dwarfs, that double the number of trained soldiers that in the upcoming battle will defend the City.



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